PIR 1152 Introduction to Information Technologies II Final Assignment


Participating in FINAL EXAM is MANDATORY for your assignment to be valid.


Students are responsible for filling 4 columns painted in yellow with appropriate formulas.


Student Numbers

  • ·         Should be filled as instructed inside excel document.



  • ·         International Relations students are graded separately as listed in file from the rest of the departments.
  • ·         Students with attendance below 11 will fail with “G”



  • ·         Students with 3 highest “Average Grades” will be assigned their appropriate rewards.
  • ·         International Relations Students get 100 TL reward as long as they graduate with C or Above.
  • ·         Rewards are NOT cumulative. (Ex: If 1st ranking graduate is from International Relations department, he/she will  get 10.000 TL NOT 10.100 TL.)



  • Deadline is the day of final exam.
  • email your assignments to : tunacg@gmail.com
  • You are advised to search and learn the usage of following formulas:  LEFT(), RIGHT(), LARGE(), TEXT()
  • You are mainly advised to use following formulas:  IF(), VLOOKUP()

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